• Borgo Santo Pietro - Activities - wellness
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Activities - wellness
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Activities - wellness
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Activities - wellness

Recharge & Rejuvenate

Once a healing stopover for medieval pilgrims, today Borgo Santo Pietro continues to provide a sanctuary for modern souls, offering the chance to shed the stresses of a hectic life and fall back into a slower way of being. Our holistic approach runs undercurrent throughout the estate with holistic spa treatments using our natural skincare line Seed to Skin and guided meditation walks that lead you out of the garden and into the woods for grounding and reconnecting with nature. Refocus and recenter with a plethora of wellness practices.

  • Borgo Spa Holistic Spa Treatments

Holistic Spa Treatments

Our holistic spa is set amidst beautifully landscaped gardens and offers the ultimate tranquil healing environment. Resonating with its healing origins of medieval times, the curative therapies of the flagship Seed to Skin Spa offer a discerning selection of relaxing, curing & beautifying spa treatments. These ensure a total five-sense immersion of health and well-being for the mind, body and spirit. Curtained therapy beds can also be arranged in the spa gardens, should you desire a treatment in nature’s embrace. Pamper your skin using our natural skincare line – from beginning to end. Unwind, indulge and savour this cathartic ambience.

Yoga Lessons

Develop a strong body with a balanced mind, while cultivating your inner strength and radiance. Our yoga classes are offered to all guests in our holistic spa with the aroma of fresh herbs wafting through, or outside on our yoga platform that is completely immersed in our shaded forest. Private lessons in a secluded garden are also available upon request. Cultivate strength, flexibility and stamina complete with relaxation and meditation for a much deeper experience in reconnecting with yourself.

  • Borgo Yoga Lessons
  • Guided Meditation Walks & Forest Bathing

Guided Meditation Walks & Forest Bathing

Beyond the gardens, Borgo Santo Pietro’s Meditation Walk takes guests out into Valle Serena and the wilderness to explore 100 acres of forest. Not simply a walk in the woods, these walks are a conscious, contemplative practice of being immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of the forest led by a meditation guide. Unique to the property, the estate also includes an immense lush forest that sprawls across Valley Serena in the Tuscan countryside. The Merse spring-water river runs throughout the dense woods providing refreshing and shaded river swimming for nature lovers. Enjoy forest bathing in the Borgo wilderness as another way to escape into the wild and connect with the environmental surroundings.

Gong Sound Bath

The powerful healing vibrations of the gong are highly cleansing, moving through your body, psyche and energy field to remove stagnation and emotional blockages while promoting transformation. It leaves you feeling relieved afterwards as the gloom and worries go away. Gong meditations are offered as a means to experience your self through meditation and sound. Each class will begin with light yoga and breathwork, to warm up your body and calm your mind as preparation for a seated guided meditation.

  • Gong Sound Bath
  • Herb Walks & Garden Walks

Herb Walks & Garden Walks

As part of our hands-on activities dedicated to teaching guests how to be one with nature and encourage self-care, our guided herb walks empower participants with knowledge of the extraordinary resources that are the plants growing around the estate throughout the year. Under the guidance of our head of vegetables and herbs, you will identify and forage wild herbs and understand their medicinal properties. As for the garden walks, our gardener will accompany interested guests on a walk around the gardens of Borgo, where they familiarize themselves with various plantations. What better way to experience the wondrous kitchen herbs and garden greens and discover their benefits?