• Borgo Santo Pietro - Relaxing spaces
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Relaxing spaces
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Relaxing spaces

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Relaxing gardens

The courtyards, terraces and gardens at Borgo Santo Pietro offer havens of tranquility, with the drifting scent of roses and meditative flow of fountains. As you wander, each turn reveals a new micro-ambience to explore or relax in. Sink into a sun lounge by the freshwater infinity pool, lulled by the gentle buzz of conversation and sound of lapping water, or seek out peaceful solitude on a Moroccan day bed hidden amongst healing herbs in the spa garden, or simply curl up in good company with a glass of wine while drinking-in a sky-full of blazing stars overhead. Lose yourself on the richly scented rose-lined walk and you may stumble across an open-air art lesson taking place beside the lake or encounter our 'green thumbs' as they turn over the soil in the culinary garden, working to the rhythms of nature.

Whether looking to waken the senses or succumb to them entirely, Borgo Santo Pietro's gardens offer an Eden in the heart of Tuscany, complete with paradise of a cinematic kind, as the campo di bocce (or bowling pitch) is transformed into the 'Cinema Paradiso', Italian-themed film nights, which are held outside beneath a fairy-lit firmament each week.