• Borgo Santo Pietro - Hands on
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Hands on
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Hands on
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Hands on
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Hands on

Activities at Borgo

  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Hands on
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Hands on
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Hands on

Hands on

Immerse yourself in the steady rhythm of daily life on the Borgo Santo Pietro estate and experience Tuscan culture hands-on.

Borgo Cooking School

Roll up your sleeves and discover the secrets of the Tuscan kitchen at the Borgo Cooking School with fun and interactive classes for beginners, families and would-be chefs. Twirl a pizza with our pizzaiolo, make and fill your own ravioli with our local Italian mamma, indulge a sweet tooth with our chocolatier and pastry chef, discover how to make traditional Italian preserves or learn some of the secrets behind our Michelin-starred head chef’s dishes.


Learn about the art of cheesemaking at our artisan dairy, where we transform fresh milk from our sheep into exquisitely soft and fresh ravaggiolo, primo sale, ricotta and pecorino.

Wine Degustations

Held in the wine cellar of Borgo Santo Pietro's thirteenth-century villa and hosted by our expert sommeliers, our wine degustations take participants travelling through Tuscany and Italy by virtue of their senses, cracking open a vault of wondrous vocabulary along the way.

Art Lessons

Set up a canvas by the lake alongside our resident artist, or take your inspiration from the myriad aspects of life on the estate, from secluded garden nooks and quiet still-life studies to expansive panoramas and the buzz of activity down on the farm.

Learn the art of flower-arranging with our in-house florist, beginning with a stroll through our 13-acre gardens to gather seasonal blooms before returning to create floral displays at the florist’s cottage hidden away amongst the gardens.
Estate and Garden Tours
See our ‘farm to plate’ philosophy in action on a tour of our 200-acre, organically cultivated estate or go behind the scenes to learn about the history and vision of our 13-acre gardens and meet the green thumbs at work.
Beekeeping Demonstration
Slip on a beekeeper's outfit and meet our Borgo bees up close with our resident beekeeper. You’ll learn all about the rules of the colony and the process of making honey, and discover just why these little workers are essential to the estate’s ecosystem.
Falconry Display
Experience a touch of Borgo Santo Pietro's medieval past with a spectacular falconry display. Used for centuries to hunt quarry, these magnificent birds of prey are brought to Borgo by expert handlers, who introduce guests to each avian personality and teach the basics of falconry.
Archery and Bocce
Learn to fire an arrow with an archery instructor or test your skills with a traditional game of bocce at the custom-made court in the grounds.
Vespa Excursions
What better way to experience the romance of the Tuscan countryside than on the back of a Vespa? Our concierge can provide you with a pair of classic wheels and a pre-programmed satellite navigator, so that if the local beauty lures you off-track you’ll soon find your way back.