• Borgo Santo Pietro - Meet the Founders
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Meet the Founders
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Meet the founders

Being inspired to create a type of retreat where we would imagine staying during our own travels, we are keen to share our vision with you, welcoming you to the destination luxury hotel that Borgo has now become.  Since 2001, we have worked painstakingly hard to weave together an integrated approach of our backgrounds in design, building development and restoration, our passion for good food and wine, our dedication to organic production and its sustainability principles, our appreciation of craftsmanship, artisans and antiques, and our love of nature and its curative properties all in order to create the retreat that is now Borgo Santo Pietro.

Originally from Denmark, we lived and worked in London for many years before we decided upon building a life in Tuscany for our family.  Through our many years of work, clients and travel, we have drawn upon our professional knowledge and experience to create a sort of haven where the interiors are harmonious, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, the service is thoughtfully attentive, the surroundings of nature are restorative and inspirational, the spa treatments are healing and there are ample opportunities and ventures for you to undertake during your stay with us at Borgo Santo Pietro.

Once again reconnecting with Borgo’s origins as a place of refuge and health for pilgrims, we have tried to create the ultimate retreat where you can truly relax and unwind in our many spaces on the estate, in the sprawling gardens, by the pool or during a spa treatment.  We have created the Cooking School and the many cultural activities on offer at the hotel, where you might learn and discover something new and interesting.