Liza Krügermeier

The Danish painter Liza Krügermeier is inspired by a never-ending exploration of colours, light and shadow.

Her vivid colour palette was shaped and formulated during a 5 year residency on the Greek island Leros, where the powerful light presents the eye with bright colours and highly contrasting shadows.

Now, her dynamic style reflects a blend of Scandinavia and the memorised senses of the Mediterranean. While her work features interiors as well as personal and well-known objects, her use of colour and original shaping of shadows transforms the ordinary into something new and special.

Having painted most of her life, Liza still explores new ideas and paths in her painting. She paints on a daily basis and her work has been exhibited in galleries and institutions in different countries.

Liza runs a successful art gallery on the Danish island of Møn, where she also offers professional painting workshops.