Patton Blackwell

Patton Blackwell’s work is deeply rooted in her experience of her surroundings, and her  desire to translate this experience to the canvas. From the lush green rolling fields and  dense foliage of Camden, South Carolina, to the streets of Rio de Janeiro during Carnival, to  time spent on the Aegean Sea, Blackwell captures the essence of atmosphere and  landscape in her use of color, action, and brush stroke. Infused with beauty and passion,  Blackwell’s paintings embody both the tangible and the intangible, the universal and the personal. “Created from within, and resonating to the core of each painting, I seek to capture the invisible and visible patterns in nature and life.”

Patton Blackwell was born in South Carolina in 1949 and went on to study and travel  extensively in Europe, Israel, Turkey, and North Africa. After spending time in Brazil studying  alongside influential painter Luiz Aquila, Blackwell returned to Camden, South Carolina in  1996 where she currently lives and works. Her paintings have been exhibited widely, both  nationally and internationally, and have been featured in collections in the U.S., Brazil,  France, Japan and England.