• Borgo Santo Pietro - Wine Cellar
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Wine Cellar
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Wine Cellar
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Wine Cellar
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Wine cellar

Borgo Santo Pietro’s cavernous cellar, situated below our thirteenth-century villa, plays host to nearly 1250 prestigious and boutique labels which line its walls. Years of ‘walking the vineyards’ and sampling various wines have guided us to build a wine list that is greatly inspired by Borgo’s commitment to authentic production. This is why you won’t find many mainstream wines or winemakers on our list, as we choose what we love and, most importantly, those that uphold the traditions, history and culture of winemaking.
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Wine Cellar
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Wine Cellar

Wine Selection

Several of our chosen wines are produced using organic or biodynamic methods, showing utmost respect for the natural process from the vineyard to the selected bottle at your table. Our many years dedicated to research, seeing the terroir and speaking with the winemakers is our fundamental approach to understanding wine and valuing its production.

At the wine-tasting sessions on offer, our expert sommelier is on hand to provide knowledge, suggestions and insights. Each glass can also be thoughtfully matched with locally produced meats and cheeses to further enhance flavour notes.

During your stay, we welcome wine-enthusiasts of any level and invite you to explore our carefully chosen wine-list and are more than happy to answer any queries.

Wine tastings

Discover wine descriptions ranging from a visual that is ‘star-bright’ and ‘luminous’ to the more precise ‘leather’ and ‘toast’ aroma, learn to notice the different hues from the rim to the core, use your nose to identify a wine’s age and savour its rich aroma, find out how to judge a wine by its ‘tears and legs’, and explore the varied flavours each regional grape retains. Our program ranges anywhere from a wine seminar to masterclasses and comprises:

Borgo Santo Pietro Wine Seminar

A discussion of different methods of wine production, the importance of terroir and of Tuscany in particular, varietals found in Italy and Tuscany, and instruction on how to taste and rate the wine.

Wine in Tuscany
This tasting session explores the region’s various appellations with a tour that best represents Tuscany.
The Montalcino Masterclass
A detailed overview that celebrates Brunello one of Italy’s most renowned wines, together with its sibling Rosso di Montalcino. In this masterclass, the place, the history, the grape, the land will be explored to further understand this fascinating growing zone producing world-class wine of stunning depth, flavour and complexity.
The Super Tuscan & Chianti Classico Masterclass
The Super Tuscan phenomena begins in the Chianti Classico wine region. We will investigate the history, grapes and development that underlie a Super Tuscan and compare it to the historic Chianti Classico.
Italian Masterpieces
An unforgettable opportunity for the ardent wine lover, Italian Masterpieces decants some of Italy’s most prestigious labels and invites guests to discover what makes a wine truly sublime.
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Wine tastings
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Wine tastings