• Borgo Santo Pietro - Skincare lab
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Skincare lab
  • Borgo Santo Pietro - Skincare lab

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    skincare lab

    Nature meets science at our on-site laboratory, where each of our formulas is carefully designed and blended by hand, uniting natural carriers with active ingredients, including herbs from our biodynamic gardens and milk from our very own ewes.

    Situated on what was once a healing stopover for medieval pilgrims, Borgo Santo Pietro’s skincare lab continues its curative tradition for enlightened modern souls seeking to regenerate their skin in the company of those who share the same passion and spirit of collaboration.

    Blended on our Tuscan estate with the expert hand of our alchemist Anna, our skincare ingredients are the essence of our ‘seed to skin’ philosophy. Each formula is hand-crafted with the inclusion of biodynamic ingredients cultivated on our farm together with the fruits of deep and considered research, creating natural beauty products that work actively on the skin from the inside out.